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Meet the Board

The Conservative Foundation was established in 2005 and officially launched in 2009 by Lady Thatcher and Sir John Major to strengthen the financial future of the Conservative Party. It was set-up as an endowment fund, independently managed by a Board of Directors. While an integral part of the Conservative family, the Foundation is a separate company and does not involve itself at any level with Party policy determination or implementation.

Bequests given to the Foundation are inheritance tax free, and are placed into a protected ring-fenced fund. The Board are responsible for managing and investing the fund. At the discretion of the Board capital can be released and given to the Party to help fight and win future General Elections.

The Conservative Foundation offers an opportunity for those who wish to support the Party and safeguard Conservative values for future generations.

Meet the Board

Michael Spencer (Chairman)Mark BamfordBaroness Bottomley
Lord FeldmanLord FinkLord Saatchi
Lord ChadlingtonDavid Ord 

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